How to Keep Your Summer Cool Without Investing Too Much On Your Air Conditioner

The start of the summer season signals the need for homeowners to keep their home cool. Just like any other appliances, a central air conditioner may also get malfunctioned sooner or later, which needs you to pay money for repair and maintenance. However, if you spend more on the repairs of your central air conditioner than your groceries and food then something’s not right. If that’s so, then it is the perfect time to learn how to reduce expenses on your air conditioner.
Read on and know some ideas and techniques.

Regular Replacement of Air Filters

If you are using a central air conditioning system at home, then you should not overlook changing its filters frequently. Filters ordinarily malfunction after three months. Nonetheless, if you notice that there is some sound coming from the filter before 3 months is over, you definitely need to change it. Once the air filter is dirty, anticipate your cooling system to be inefficient by 2 percent. This signifies that you will be utilizing energy but not really having a cooler home.

Get the Thermostat Adjusted Whenever You Leave

It doesn’t seem right if your house is cooled to seventy two degrees when you are not even inside. Another way of saving on heating and cooling expenses is raising the thermostat by about seven degrees. The same margin also applies in lowering the thermostat throughout the hot season. Utilizing of a programmable thermostat would be better if you want to make sure regular change of temperature.

Promote a Shady Surrounding

You can have a cooler temperature in your house once you plant some trees and bushy plants all over it. This is really because they will work as a barrier between your windows and direct sunlight. The sun will not shine directly on your windows. This keeps your house cool without the need of switching on the central air conditioner.

Find Air Leaks and Seal Them
Old air conditioner has the chance to acquire some leaks in its ducts. Your home’s air conditioning system will start to be inefficient if there is leakage. You can work with a caulk gun to seal air leaks minimize your costs during summer time.

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